About AmericaSmiles Network Warranty

The AmericaSmiles Network is a national network of dental labs that team together to offer the highest quality products and services to their clients. AmericaSmiles has partnered with ACDLA and the ACDLACertified program in the development of a formal warranty program for dental Restorations.  Now, every ACDLACertified Restoration also comes with a warranty that is backed by the AmericaSmiles Network of dental labs.  All member labs offer their customers the same Limited Liability warranty on workmanship and materials.  The warranty is offered by the local lab producing the Restoration and backed by the AmericaSmiles Network. From the ACDLACertified website, dentists can accept and activate the warranty, view documents associated with the materials utilized in the creation of the Restoration, view the digital file (if applicable), and submit a warranty claim.  In the event that there is a dispute regarding the warranty, the dentist can request an assessment by The AmericaSmiles Network who will then make a determination regarding the claim.  Labs that fail to fulfill a validated warranty claim can be removed from the program or fined by ACDLA and The AmericaSmiles Network.

To review the warranty, please login or contact ACDLA at info@ACDLA.net