About ACDLACertified

ACDLACertified is a service of the American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association (ACDLA.net) We believe that transparency in information sharing about the materials and the processes performed by dental laboratories in their work to provide Restorations is of great value to dentists and patients alike.  In fact, some States are requiring that dental labs provide information about the materials utilized in the creation of Restorations and other dental apparatus and devices.

ACDLA is providing this service to the dental industry in an effort to ease the transmittal of information about these materials. ACDLA does NOT certify any products, but does evaluate products and document existing certifications or other safety documentation which might be useful for dentists and others in the dental industry. ACDLA members who participate in the ACDLACertified program do certify that the Restoration utilizes the specified materials identified for a specified Restoration.  In addition, ACDLA has made the information provided by material/product manufacturers (including Safety Data Sheets and any FDA 510(k) Clearance documentation) available on this website at the Dental Restoration Materials and Certified Dental Restorations pages.

Each restoration has been given a Certification/Warranty Code that allows the dentist to simply and conveniently research the materials used in the dental Restoration.

In addition, labs participating in the ACDLACertified program choose to offer a formal warranty on the workmanship and materials utilized in the making of Restorations. This warranty is backed by the AmericaSmiles Network offering dentists increased confidence that the warranty will be honored.

We thank you for holding a high standard in the dental industry and for trusting an ACDLACertified lab to provide you and your patients with the highest standards in dental laboratory technology.